Why Decentralized Platforms Will Lead the Future Evolution of the Web

The centralized vs. decentralized debate may be reaching an inflection point. We should see a growing separation on 2020

Nowadays, we spend so much time online that even entertainment often comes from the internet. In the digital era that we are living on, and with the upcoming arrival of 5G networks, services like the radio and TV cable have become somewhat obsolete. Watching series, films, vlogs, etc. online is an essential part of the daily routine for millions of people worldwide. Each online service has its go-to brand name due to its success in the past years, user base, popularity, and so on.

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Just before Christmas, YouTube went on to remove videos and disabled channels on blockchain and cryptocurrencies without previous warning. Affected YouTubers received a strike as a consequence of this removal. And, shortly after, the chaos spread for a few days due to the lack of information from the company. Influencers like Crypt0 claimed that YouTube Support replied by saying it was all a mistake, the strikes would be removed, and the bans lifted eventually.

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This move by Google and YouTube has incentivized the discussion about decentralized platforms. Being loyal to the spirit of the blockchain, a truly distributed ecosystem would not ban massively or censor content in the same way. Instead, other regulations could apply to make the community take part in what content remains available in the network. Unfortunately, YouTube is a centralized platform that depends on the decisions of a company, i.e., a minority of people, who can change their minds about a particular topic without previous notice, thus, changing the policies overnight.

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